Saturday, April 1, 2006

Brian Shaffer - Still Missing - April 1, 2006

27 year old Brian Shaffer, a second year medical student at Ohio State University was out with friends on Saturday, April 1, 2006. He was last seen at a bar on North High Street in Columbus, Ohio. He told his two friends that he was going to talk to the band and was never seen again. 
He was seen entering the bar on video but never seen leaving the bar. The bar was under construction at the time of Brian's disappearance. 
Brian's father fought tirelessly to find Brian and bring him home, alive or deceased but unfortunately his father was killed in an accident in 2008. Brian's mother had passed away from cancer 3 weeks before Brian's disappearance. We need to continue to fight to find the answers to Brian's disappearance. A 6'2"; 160 pound man does not just disappear. Please contact CrimeStoppers at 614.645.TIPS with any information on Brian's disappearance. and

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  1. Someone must know something and for whatever reason is hesitant to come forward. Keep Brian in the public eye.