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Do you have a case of a missing loved one that may meet the criteria? Please submit to us.

Criteria: (one of the following must apply)

Note: Because our campaign is geared towards college age adolescents, the age criteria we seek is under the age of 35.  We will make exceptions if the person is older, but under 55, and was with a group on business or from a celebration event.

  • Must be a loved one that was WITH A GROUP, or ANOTHER PERSON, in some setting, and ventured off alone and became missing. (Alcohol nor drugs do not necessarily have to play a role. Sober people go missing too.)
  •  A loved one located passed away, who was missing for a number of hours (minimum) and whose life could have possibly been saved had they not been alone and had a friend with them. The loved one, prior to missing, was with another person or group.
Drunk driving. Unless they were an official missing person.
Elderly wanderers.

While we know there are many ways loved ones go missing, this particular campaign is primarily geared towards younger adults to help educate them on the importance of always having a buddy system in place.

Submit your cases, via email, to:  
or submit to: SUBMIT A CASE

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